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How to prevent worker injuries before they happen

For as much as we discuss the phenomenon of workers’ compensation, we must also remind our readers of the importance of taking diligent steps to prevent worker injuries. As the saying in the Allstate Insurance commercials goes “there’s mayhem waiting around every corner.” Because of this, employers must be mindful of several things to prevent injuries.  

Safety rules must be followed by all employees – While it may seem obvious that employees should adhere to safety policies, it is surprising how many injuries are attributable to safety violations and departures from procedure. It is reasonable to be concerned about new employees getting hurt, but it is actually veteran employees who are more susceptible to injury, as they develop their own routines and habits.

Training plans must be maintained and updated – Because workers come and go, it is helpful to continually update training plans so that all employees are familiar with safety procedures. As we just mentioned, making sure that veteran workers are setting the tone with regard to safety practices is critical.

Have clear accountability points – Workers should know who is responsible for keeping work areas in good shape, and free from hazards. Moreover, they should know who to bring concerns to in the event there are safety issues that have not been addressed. If there are no clear accountability points, this could lead to more difficulties besides workers’ compensation issues.

Be realistic – Thinking that workers will never get hurt is simply unrealistic, injuries are waiting to happen every day, and at all times of the day. Because of this, working with a workers’ comp defense attorney can be helpful in preventing injuries before they happen. 

Source: “If you are not preventing injuries, you are causing them,”, May 27, 2014

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