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Man found guilty for fraudulent workers' compensation claims

When a worker is dishonest about the severity of an injury a California employer could be faced with taking action to uncover potentially illegal activity. Suspecting an employee of fraudulent workers' compensation claims after suffering an injury while on the job may be difficult for a business owner. A man recently pleaded guilty to fraudulent workers' compensation claims in court when he was caught working while receiving benefits.

The accused man was seen laying concrete and was video recorded during the time of his disability leave and benefit collection. Reports claim that when the man discovered the investigation for fraudulent workers' compensation claims was underway, he left the state immediately. When found, the investigation team confronted the man with the evidence that was procured during the time meant to heal from his original injury.

Upon further investigation, the team found that the man had been providing concrete installations for a number of different clients during his disability leave. His sentence included six months of jail time, though it was negotiated into community service and depleted from previously accumulated jail hours. He is also responsible for providing $4,878 for the benefits he received through his fraudulent workers' compensation claims and $2,000 for the investigation expenses.

Court records indicate that a minimum payment schedule has been arranged for the man, and if it is not met by deadline, then his options may be revoked, and he will serve the jail sentence. Insurance fraud in any form is illegal and has the potential to financially damage an employer. California business owners that discover fraudulent workers' compensation claims among employees may pursue related claims to ensure the illegal activity is dealt with.

Source:, Lima man guilty of workers' comp fraud, Heather Rutz, Feb. 28, 2014

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