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Injured worker claim includes 13 exposed to radiation

When multiple California employees are involved in a large claim after exposure to radiation through inhalation of toxic material, a business owner may feel overwhelmed. Reports indicate that recently 13 people were involved in an injured worker claim for radiation exposure, though the potential level of damage has not been determined. The waste disposal center is located 2,000 feet below the ground in an old salt bed that follows strict safety regulations and was believed to be exceptionally safe.

Knowledge of the accident occurred when a company notification was dispensed internally claiming that an area of new waste disposal had eliminated radiation and caused exposure. Tests revealed plutonium and americium were present in the air surrounding the area and revealed americium residue present in the employees involved in the injured worker claim. The toxin americium settles in the liver, muscles and bones of the victim creating ongoing radiation exposure in the body for many years, increasing a person's risk for cancer.

Reports indicate that the nuclear waste company is confident that the level of radiation exposure the workers suffered is no greater than a dental X-ray. The damage workers could experience in the future is directly linked to the level exposure and their amount of inhalation during the accident. Operations of the facility have been halted in response to the injured worker claim and an investigation has been implemented to discover what may have caused the exposure, the level of risk the employees may be facing and potentially contaminated areas of the site.

The process of the waste site allows the salt settling around disposed plutonium waste products and containers from above ground pressure creating a cast around the dangerous material. Other storage waste facilities have been discovered to contain problems in their construction, causing issues like radioactive waste spills though this incident occurred above ground. A California employer facing an injured worker claim with multiple people may seek assistance in ensuring their company assets are protected through the process..

Source:, Nuclear dump leak in New Mexico rekindles debate over Cold War-era waste, Susan Montoya Bryan and Matthew Daly, Feb. 28, 2014

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