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March 2014 Archives

Common signs of workers' compensation fraud

In representing employers who have workers’ compensation claims lodged against them, we have gained a wealth of experience in rooting out fraudulent claims. Indeed, false claims do not outpace legitimate claims, but because of the proliferation of bogus claims, insurance costs are bound to increase for employers and through throughout the industry.

NLRB decision could have workers' comp implications

In what is being viewed by many as a stunning upset, the Northwestern University football team recently won its challenge before the National Labor Relations Board. In doing so, the players convinced the regional director that they were in fact employees, instead of student-athletes.

State senator accused of workers' comp fraud

Corruption in politics is a running joke among comedians, but the situation involving State Sen. Ron Calderon is no laughing matter. The Democratic senator who represents several southeastern Los Angeles suburbs, including Bell Gardens and Montibello, has been accused of workers' compensation fraud.

One foot makes the difference in workers' comp appeal

An injured casino worker is likely celebrating the ruling handed down by a New Jersey appellate court regarding her workers’ compensation claim. The court ruled that her employer, Harrah’s Casino, would be responsible for the cost of her injuries pursuant to her claim. She was injured as she was leaving the casino parking garage. She was turning onto a street from the garage when her SUV was hit by another car.

Man found guilty for fraudulent workers' compensation claims

When a worker is dishonest about the severity of an injury a California employer could be faced with taking action to uncover potentially illegal activity. Suspecting an employee of fraudulent workers' compensation claims after suffering an injury while on the job may be difficult for a business owner. A man recently pleaded guilty to fraudulent workers' compensation claims in court when he was caught working while receiving benefits.

Injured worker claim includes 13 exposed to radiation

When multiple California employees are involved in a large claim after exposure to radiation through inhalation of toxic material, a business owner may feel overwhelmed. Reports indicate that recently 13 people were involved in an injured worker claim for radiation exposure, though the potential level of damage has not been determined. The waste disposal center is located 2,000 feet below the ground in an old salt bed that follows strict safety regulations and was believed to be exceptionally safe.

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