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February 2014 Archives

California workers' compensation fraud scheme uncovered

A California man who previously owned a local hospital admitted his guilt in committing workers' compensation fraud. The U.S. Attorney's Office filed the charges against the man for ongoing fraudulent billing for monetary gain in association with patients referred by specialists to the hospital for spinal surgeries. He pleaded guilty to providing bonus commissions to other parties in association with a federal health care program as well as conspiracy as a part of his deal. Business owners accused of workers' compensation fraud may choose to closely investigate all options for defending themselves against the allegations.

California refinery combats chemical board in employer defense

Running a refinery in California can be stressful and contain a long list of safety regulations necessary to operate legally. An employer may choose to maintain an employer defense in the event of an unavoidable work accident. Seeking education on safety regulations and operations could strengthen an employer defense should the government choose to investigate a workplace incident.

Sentencing for California woman's scheme to defraud employers

A person's ability to defraud employers can be expensive and damaging to an employer who has been providing benefits. Business owners who suspect an employee or a relative of an employee of taking advantage of the workers' compensation system may choose to investigate the situation. A California woman was recently found guilty and sentenced for an ongoing scheme to defraud employers by collecting workers' comp benefits assigned to her late father.

Firefighter accused of false injured worker claim

Suspecting an employee of fraudulent activity regarding his or her injured worker claim can put a California employer in a difficult position. A man who worked as a firefighter and paramedic was recently discharged from his position due to purportedly exaggerating an injured worker claim. Court records outline that the accusation and loss of position were directly linked to a series of investigations and to being criminally charged.

California man sentenced for workers' compensation fraud

Workers' compensation fraud is considered a very serious crime even if it is attempted with good intentions. An employer who is accused of defrauding the state or federal government could be responsible for heavy restitution and jail time if found to be liable. Recently, a California psychologist admitted in court to workers' compensation fraud and apologized for fraudulent actions against the government, including over billing for workers' compensation claims.

MTD worker's fraudulent workers' compensation claims discovered

A worker who has become disgruntled with his or her employer may seek opportunities to take advantage of his or her workplace and look for situations that could offer financial gain. A California business owner who suspects an employee of filing fraudulent workers' compensation claims for an injury incurred off premise may choose to pursue an investigation. Also, a person who fails to divulge information regarding pre-existing conditions when applying for benefits from a work injury could be accused of filing fraudulent workers' compensation claims.

Couple accused of fraudulent workers' compensation claims

An employer that suspects a respected and honored worker of fraudulent workers' compensation claims may feel angry and taken advantage of. A California highway patrol officer and his wife, who worked as a dispatcher for the California Highway patrol, have been accused of fraudulent workers' compensation claims. The couple was arrested and has been charged with five felonies in connection to the accusations.

Chiropractor sentenced for workers' compensation fraud

A California business owner who is accused of workers' compensation fraud may feel a myriad of emotions as they face a gruesome investigation. If an employer is found guilty, they may choose to seek help in minimizing fines and protecting business assets as best as possible. A chiropractor was recently investigated, convicted and sentenced for workers' compensation fraud for certain practices in his place of business.

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