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January 2014 Archives

California company accused of workers' compensation fraud

Recently a California medical equipment company was accused of workers' compensation fraud and four men face serious allegations and potentially long-term consequences. Reports indicate that a physical therapy machine and the use of different company names may have been the catalyst for their accused workers' compensation fraud. Employers who faces extensive accusations for a serious crime that may or may not have been committed may choose to fully investigate their options.

Man guilty of fraudulent workers' compensation claims

Suspecting an employee of fraudulent workers' compensation claims can be difficult and confusing for business owners. A man was recently sentenced to provide restitution and serve prison time for fraudulent workers' compensation claims he filed when working in California. In court, the man admitted guilt to false statements made seeking government compensation and United States property theft.

Flight attendant's fraudulent workers' compensation claims

When an employee attempts to take financial advantage of their place of employment through fraudulent workers' compensation claims, they may find themselves in an irreversible situation with expensive consequences. A California business owner who discovers the fraudulent workers' compensation claims may feel anger and disbelief at the situation involving an employee. An employer may choose to enforce justice and prevent an increase in insurance premiums and fight to stop fraudulent practices.

Chevron's employer defense in California refinery fire

Employer defense can become a necessity for some employers when their business operations and safety measures are under scrutiny. Following a Chevron refinery fire in California, a proposal was created to change safety practices that could potentially improve refinery safety. Reports indicate that the U.S. Chemical Safety Board recently chose not to accept the proposal based off of its inability to create an immediate difference in safety practices. In addition to Chevron's employer defense, company officials believe that new regulations with this requirement could in fact cause a greater number of accidents due to its complex nature.

Danger of fraudulent workers' compensation claims in California

Creating fraudulent workers' compensation claims in California can be risky for the person pretending to have suffered an injury while at work. Discovering a trusted employee has lied and taken advantage of their place of employment and state funds meant to help those in need can be difficult for a business owner. When an employer discovers fraudulent workers' compensation claims, they may choose to pursue justice against the illegal practice in order to regain lost benefits.

Appeal dismissed in injured worker claim for black lung disease

In situations where a California employee is unhappy with the outcome of a workers' compensation case, they may appeal their injured worker claim in an attempt to collect additional benefits. Recently, the courts dismissed an appeal case where a woman sought additional compensation for the injured worker claim made by her late husband. She accused a coal company of fraudulent practices against the courts regarding the black lung disease her husband had suffered prior to his death.

California company's employer defense against accusations

A California manufacturing food company that provides fresh produce for a number of large fast food chains and food providers across the nation is facing strong accusations and an attempt at unionization with a strong employer defense. Many workers have publicly denounced the company and claimed unsafe conditions. A company that is facing harsh accusations of unfair labor practices and denying workers' compensation when necessary may choose to prepare an employer defense to protect the business.

Employer defense for confronting Valley Fever

A business owner may choose to have an employer defense prepared after learning about an apparent risk of worker injury or illness. The California Department of Public Health has reported an influx in Valley Fever recently, which may entice employers who have encountered the illness to seek help in preparing a strong employer defense. Valley Fever is caused by fungus that exists near the top level of the dirt and soil in certain areas of California. When the ground containing the fungus is disturbed, spores are released into the air and can cause illness to workers who inhale the spores.

California radiologists sued for workers' compensation fraud

Workers' compensation fraud can seem like an easy and anonymous way to bring in extra money to a business. However, this high-risk practice can have devastating financial consequences for a business owner when caught and confronted with legal action. Recently, two radiologists and their companies were sued for workers' compensation fraud and illegal billing practices.

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