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Officers charged with fraudulent workers' compensation claims

Police officers are a public profession expected to provide honesty, integrity and safety to the public. Los Angeles police officers charged with fraudulent workers' compensation claims can face the potential reality of punishment and public disappointment for their actions. An employer who discovers fraudulent workers' compensation claims among their workers may seek help in pursuing justice.

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested two of their officers recently for fraudulent workers' compensation claims. Reports did not indicate the monetary amount either of the men were successful in collecting during their falsified situations. Both officers had been with the Los Angeles department for many years prior to this infraction. They were charged with felonies and a number of purported crimes involved with the fraud.

The more seasoned of the two officers was charged with grand theft, attempted perjury, insurance fraud and lying in a testimony given under oath, in addition to the fraudulent workers' compensation claims. He has been placed on leave as the investigation continues. The other officer has been removed from patrol and was charged with grand theft in addition to submitting inaccurate medical documents in an attempt to collect workers' compensation benefits.

As the investigation continues into the purported crimes, one officer remains off duty and the other has been placed on leave. Serious consequences may exist for the officers charged for fraudulent workers' compensation claims. The chief of police is directly involved with the internal investigation and may help provide an example for an employer who faces a similar situation. A business owner or manager may choose to get help in navigating the process of exposing potential fraud among employees.

Source:, LAPD Officers Arrested for Alleged Workers' Comp Fraud, Samantha Tata, Dec. 11, 2013

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