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December 2013 Archives

California employer defense for potentially toxic materials

When a California business owner is held responsible for the injury or illness of a worker for a condition that may have been caused by the manufacturer of a toxic source, an employer defense may be necessary to help minimize extensive and ongoing expenses. Reports warn that materials commonly used in remodeling and building may have the potential to cause asthma. An employer defense may help to reveal shared liability with the maker of the materials and ease some of the financial burden carried by the business.

Workers' compensation fraud charges dismissed

Workers' compensation fraud is a dangerous financial trick that can harm innocent people and take advantage of the state. A business owner that chooses to participate in fraudulent activity may be putting themselves at risk for legal repercussions that may have permanent consequences professionally. Recently a California court ruled to dismiss a medical provider and his colleagues from workers' compensation fraud charges.

CSB report could aid Chevron employer defense

When a group of employees experience injury from a devastating work accident, they may feel angry and choose to pursue extensive workers' compensation regardless of the employer defense or company's level of responsibility. A recent report released by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board named OSHA as sharing responsibility in a California Chevron refinery fire for failing to fulfill preventative measures. A strong employer defense could help protect a business owner from financial distress.

Strong employer defense that challenges OSHA citations

When employees fail to recognize and follow safety practices that have been implemented and regulated by an employer, serious injury or fatality can sometimes occur. An employer defense against neglectful conduct of a worker may be a necessity in lowering potential fines or extensive liability. A local elevator company's strong employer defense that challenges OSHA citations could affect an expensive group of fines the company faces.

Officers charged with fraudulent workers' compensation claims

Police officers are a public profession expected to provide honesty, integrity and safety to the public. Los Angeles police officers charged with fraudulent workers' compensation claims can face the potential reality of punishment and public disappointment for their actions. An employer who discovers fraudulent workers' compensation claims among their workers may seek help in pursuing justice.

Local contractor pleaded guilty for lack of insurance

In California, contractors are required to be licensed and maintain proper insurance. This includes workers' compensation insurance in the event that an injury on the job occurs. Should a worker be injured and suffer the financial hardship of medical expenses and lost wages due to their employer's lack of insurance, they may choose to pursue legal action to collect what is rightfully owed. Recently, a local contractor pleaded guilty for lack of insurance and a set of additional offenses.

Chemical facility may face another OSHA violation

The pharmaceutical chemical industry can be dangerous and require employers to exercise stringent safety procedures to avoid an OSHA violation and keep workers safe. A California chemical facility may face another OSHA violation for a recent accident that exposed a number of workers to danger and required heavy first response attention. The employees who experienced exposure to the hazardous compounds may be entitled to workers' compensation should they experience damage or injury.

OSHA investigation into a California construction fatality

When an employer fails to provide a safe working environment, workers can be seriously hurt or killed. A recent OSHA investigation into a California construction fatality could uncover potential liabilities in the accident. The family of a worker who loses his or her life while on the job could have rightful access to workers' compensation benefits that can be used for medical and funeral expenses.

Restaurant owner charged with workers' compensation fraud

Workers' compensation fraud can be detrimental to employees who live paycheck to paycheck and rely solely on the honesty and integrity of their employers. When a worker discovers they have been taken advantage of and cheated out of their rightful earnings, they may seek legal action to collect their lacking wages. Recently, a local California restaurant owner charged with workers' compensation fraud found himself facing a total of 12 felonies and four misdemeanors.

OSHA violation results in $7,000 fine plus additional citations

After complaints about working conditions at a printing and promotions company in another state, OSHA initiated an investigation of the premises. Although this case refers to another state, the same violations can occur in any jurisdiction, including California. As a result of its investigation, the federal agency proposed the maximum fine for one OSHA violation and other fines for additional violations.

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