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November 2013 Archives

Avoid workers' compensation fraud: know the rules

A search warrant to obtain paperwork from a restaurant in California was executed in June 2013. A thorough investigation followed and revealed that the owner had falsified the records of the restaurant. The man was charged with 16 misdemeanor and felony counts, including alleged workers' compensation fraud, payroll tax fraud, violations regarding minimum wage as well as overtime premium and the dissuading of a witness.

Bird sanctuary operator charged with workers' compensation fraud

The 68-year-old founder of a bird sanctuary in California was placed under arrest over the weekend of Nov. 2. He was booked into jail for workers' compensation fraud charges but was released some time later. The defendant had allegedly been conducting business at the sanctuary for the past seven months without the required insurance for worker's compensation.

Third OSHA investigation after 3 more injuries at Tesla Plant

On Wednesday, Nov. 13, three workers of the Tesla plant in Fremont, California sustained burns when a casting press malfunctioned. An OSHA investigation is underway after another industrial accident to determine whether Tesla failed to provide and maintain safe working conditions for its employees. Tesla had been cited by OSHA on two previous occasions for violating this safety requirements.

SeaWorld appeal: failure to maintain a safe working environment

The main attraction and primary source of income at SeaWorld's California theme park, as well as the two in other states in United States, have been the interactive shows featuring orcas, or killer whales, performing stunts to entertain the public. This is done under the guidance of trainers who traditionally have been in close and personal contact with the killer whales. This has recently been threatened by the findings of OSHA, claiming that they are exposing their trainers to dangerous surroundings. Due to their failure to maintain a safe working environment according to OSHA's standards, they are now obligated to make changes to enable the trainers to be physically separated from the orcas during performances.

OSHA investigation leads to $148K in fines for amputation hazard

Employers and employees at manufacturing plants in California would be wise to take note of the substantial fines and penalties they can incur by violating the safety laws of OSHA. A garage door hardware manufacturer, who was the subject of a recent OSHA investigation, has received proposed penalties totaling $147,600. The administration of occupational safety and health of the U.S. Department of Labor cited 16 safety violations. OSHA emphasized amputation hazards as well as hazards regarding powered industrial vehicles.

Ways to avoid failure to maintain a safe working environment

California business owners and management have a wide range of responsibilities and concerns when it comes to running their ventures and remaining profitable in an ever-changing economic landscape. One aspect of profitability involves reducing the cost of workers' compensation issues. The owner of grocery chain Safeway was recently interviewed by CFO magazine on his ideas for minimizing these costs. These ideas can also reduce the risk of being accused of failure to maintain a safe working environment.

Was procedure dropped ahead of California OSHA violation?

Two BART workers who were recently killed when a fast moving train hit them were using a maintenance procedure called "simple approval" at the time of their deaths. BART received a California OSHA violation in 2008 for use of this procedure after another worker's death. The company is still appealing that violation.

California workplace fatality sparks OSHA investigation

There are many dangers in the workplace. Most of them are well-known, and precautions are taken to prevent injuries to employees. However, despite the most cautious of employers, some accidents still happen. In the case of a workplace death or injury, an OSHA investigation is generally initiated to determine what caused the accident and what can prevent similar ones in the future. Additionally, employees in California who are involved in such an incident are likely entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

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