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September 2013 Archives

Workers compensation defense protects employers from fraud

Although the total number of workers' compensation claims has dropped nationwide, the numbers of questionable workers' compensation claims have been rising. California is a leader in the department of questionable claims, according to a report published by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), a nonprofit company supported by more than 1,000 insurance companies. These figures explain and support why employers must present a workers' compensation defense in many cases.

Man's death in California sparks OSHA investigation

Working at a construction site is known to have some risks. Even though employers work with state agencies to ensure that a construction site will allow for the health and well-being of employees, accidents still happen. When an incident does occur, an OSHA investigation is initiated. For instance, OSHA will likely be investigating the death of a California man killed by a piece of heavy machinery at a construction site.

Former NFL player complains of workers' compensation fraud

A well known former football player has publicly stated that he feels many players are simply seeking money from the NFL by filing lawsuits alleging injury. The player is publicly against workers' compensation fraud. However, what he has not made public on his television appearances is that he has also filed for claims. The former player filed his claim in California has have many other former players.

California woman guilty: fraudulent workers' compensation claims

A California woman who was employed at a local sheriff's office has been sentenced to a year in jail and three years of probation. She has been found guilty of having made fraudulent workers' compensation claims in connection with an injury she reported receiving on the job. Her husband has also been found to have played a role in the deception.

Family members sometimes defraud employers

In today's struggling economy, it can be difficult to run a profitable business. Market share and other large-scale economic factors can lead to financial difficulties, leaving California business owners scrambling to cut costs wherever possible. In some cases, employees act to intentionally defraud employers, placing an even greater strain on a company's operations. Even worse, the party who would seek to defraud an employer is sometimes not even the employee, but a family member.

NFL lobbies for California workers' compensation defense bill

Most employers respect the legal rights of their workers, since without their employees most businesses cannot survive. This is true for businesses in all types of industries, including professional sports teams. However, sometimes workers' compensation laws in certain jurisdictions may be overly liberal, which could result in a sports team being exposed to large amounts of liability from injured athletes. The National Football League has recognized this and has been lobbying for a bill which would limit claims from out-of-state players in an effort to reduce the costs of workers' compensation defense.

Employer may need workers' compensation defense after death

California work environments can be exceedingly dangerous and an accident can happen when one least expects it. However, whenever a worker is hurt in California, he or she can file a claim for workers' compensation benefits to pay for medical care, lost wages and other kinds of compensation. In such cases, employers will also be liable to pay a portion of those workers' compensation benefits. In some cases, a workers' compensation defense may be necessary to protect employers from being liable for the accident.

Possible OSHA violation: California worker dies, crushed by truck

California workplaces tend to vary in the level of risk that workers encounter while employed there. Some work places, such as a law office, might be safer than a construction site. However, even in seemingly safe environments accidents can happen. When a death or catastrophic accident happens at a workplace, often OSHA safety officials will arrive on scene following the incident to determine if an OSHA violation was present.

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