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August 2013 Archives

California driver error can raise workers' compensation defense

There are a large number of employees who must drive regularly as part of their job. As a result of these millions of workers traveling on California roads each day, there are also a substantial number of accidents that result in these employees suffering injuries. In a recent report, it was found that older drivers are far more likely to be involved in a fatal accident then younger drivers, causing many to look at their current driving policies to ensure each employee is protected. Not only would driving policies potentially save lives, but it my also provide a workers' compensation defense if a worker makes a claim.

California workers' compensation fraud increase due to obesity?

California employees may be following the latest changes regarding workers' compensation. While workers' compensation is necessary, the most recent changes could potentially open the door for even more workers' compensation fraud. With obesity now being considered a disease, the lives of many could also change. Unfortunately, this could potentially have a negative impact on employers.

EPA lenient compared to OSHA violation requirements

The government has a variety of agencies which are in charge of regulating the safety of work environments. However, not all agencies have the same rules and regulations. Some offer more protections for workers in California than others. This is the case with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Many criticize the EPA for not providing enough protection compared to OSHA violation requirements.

California business owner accused of workers' compensation fraud

A business owner accused of intentionally misrepresenting his payroll has been found guilty and sentenced by a state court. The owner of a California-based cleaning company has been sentenced to five years in prison or ten years' probation and a requirement to pay hefty fines. He was found guilty on a number of charges related to workers' compensation fraud.

California workers' compensation fraud? Ex-cop requests benefits

California readers likely remember the police officer who pepper sprayed several UC-Davis students during a protest in 2011, igniting a firestorm of controversy and national news coverage. That officer, who was terminated from his job eight months later, is now seeking workers' compensation for what he claims is psychiatric injury he suffered as a result of the public backlash. Some may consider this a legal gray area, but others consider it to be workers' compensation fraud.

Man sentenced in California employee fraud case

The state of California tries to protect workers in case they are injured while on the job by requiring employers to provide workers' compensation coverage. Many employers do everything they can to provide safe working conditions for the employees and help ensure the compensation process goes smoothly in the event of an accident. However, some people illegally claim they are entitled to such compensation. One man has recently been convicted of employee fraud for improperly requesting workers' compensation benefits.

Man files fraudulent workers' compensation claims, faces charges

Workers' compensation is a very beneficial tool for employees to use in order to gain compensation for an injury they may have sustained while on the job. These benefits could help hold them over while they are unable to work and assist in paying medical bills or other expenses. Because workers' compensation is so helpful, there are unfortunately some employees who wish to take advantage of their employers and claim they sustained a work injury that left them unable to work when that is not the case. Fraudulent workers' compensation claims can lead to serious setbacks for employers and possible jail time for workers committing the fraud.

Health industry's failure to maintain a safe working environment

Health care workers are a vital part of our society. These people work very hard to heal us and keep us healthy. Sadly, recent data has found that health care facilities in California as well as all across America have had a drastic increase in workplace injuries. Health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes are facing a widespread failure to maintain a safe working environment. The increase in health care workers' workplace injuries is a shocking and saddening truth that must be corrected.

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