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January 2013 Archives

NIOSH warns employers to be aware of the dangers, costs associated with building moisture

Like their industrial counterparts, those employers whose primary operations are conducted in office settings must always remain vigilant about protecting their workforce. However, this means implementing measures that not only prevent outward injuries (sprains, strains, contusions, etc.), but internal injuries as well.

Study shows people may be overconfident when it comes to multitasking behind the wheel

Countless studies have shown that motorists continue to multitask -- talk or text while driving -- at an alarming rate. Perhaps even more alarming is that this behavior is not just practiced by motorists on their way to the store, school or restaurant, but by employees during the course of their normal work hours.

No contest plea submitted in workers' compensation fraud case in California

Workers' compensation fraud is a very serious matter. Employers can suffer great harm when their employees engage in such fraud. No employer should have to be subjected to such wrongful conduct.

Researchers explore the degree to which obesity affects the workplace

In our previous post, we discussed a recent study that examined the price differential between standard work comp claims and work comp claims involving certain employee comorbidities, meaning a work comp claim plus a condition like obesity, hypertension, drug abuse, etc. Here, the study revealed that the costs of work comp claims involving employee comorbidities were nearly double those of standard work comp claims.

Study: Comorbidities can greatly increase work comp costs

Countless studies have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt how serious medical conditions like obesity, hypertension and diabetes can have a serious impact on the bottom line of employers. However, a recently released study reveals that these chronic medical conditions can also have a serious impact on their workers' compensation costs.

California gardener injured by falling tree branch charged with work comp fraud

The simple truth is that every business owner, regardless of their size or the services they provide, must be on the lookout for fraudulent work comp claims. In particular, they must be on lookout for those situations in which employees are less than honest about the severity of their work injuries.

The importance of recognizing how stress can affect your workforce

As an employer, you are undoubtedly familiar with the many different types of work injuries that can decimate your workforce. For example, if your operations require pulling items on or off shelves, chances are you know that your employees are at a greater risk of suffering back sprains or shoulder injuries. Similarly, if your operations require significant data entry, chances are you know that your employees are at risk of suffering carpal tunnel syndrome.

Former DMV employee convicted of disability fraud given jail time

In general, if an employee of the state of California suffers a serious injury or illness that leaves them unable to perform their duties for a permanent or undetermined duration, they may apply for monthly disability retirement or industrial disability retirement benefits via the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).

Fishing industry starting to show more flexible attitude toward ergonomics

This past summer, we examined figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the number of fatal workplace injuries in 2010, the most recent year for which such data is available. Here, we not only learned that a staggering number of people lost their lives in work accidents -- 4,547 -- but that a large number of these fatal injuries occurred in only a small number of industries.

CWCI report examines prevalence, expenses of joint pain-related work injuries

Last February, the California Workers' Compensation Institute announced that it would be releasing so-called "Industry Score Cards" over the course of the next few years.

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