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Industrial fans can help employers eliminate risk of slip, trip and falls

Those employers whose primary operations are conducted in industrial-type settings must always remain vigilant about protecting their workforce. In particular, they need to ensure that measures are in place to protect their employees from slip, trip and falls as these types of accidents frequently result in devastating work injuries, including sprains, strains, contusions and broken bones.

In fact, the preliminary results of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2011 National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries indicated that slip, trip and falls were the cause of 666 worker fatalities last year, meaning they comprised 14 percent of all deaths in the workplace.

One of the more frequent causes of these slip, trip and falls is workers losing their footing in puddles of water created by simple condensation.

In general, condensation results when warm air comes into contact with cold surfaces. Specifically, the air is no longer able to store moisture as it cools, creating the little droplets of water that we are accustomed to seeing on our soda cans during hot days.

Condensation is particularly problematic in industrial-type facilities, experts say, because concrete floors trail air temperature by roughly 30 days. For example, while it may be a pleasant 70 degrees in April, the floor temperature of a facility may still be closer to a 50-degree day in March. As explained above, this creates the potential for large-scale condensation.

What then can employers in areas with high humidity/drastic weather changes do in these scenarios?

According to experts, the installation of low speed, large diameter industrial fans can help eliminate condensation by keeping the air circulating throughout the entire facility. This option, they say, is cheaper than constantly running the air conditioning and proven to reduce workplace accidents.

"The fans dramatically improve the safety here," said an official at one manufacturing plant that continually struggled with condensation on the floor. "They've been a real blessing for us. I never would have thought it would work so well."

Employers in industrial settings may want to give serious consideration to the installation of industrial fans.

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This post was provided for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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