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September 2012 Archives

Walmart warehouse workers protest dangerous working conditions

Walmart executives in California and across the country will soon be receiving a letter from warehouse employees complaining about the dangerous work environment at one of their warehouses.

More paid sick days may lower workers' compensation claims

According to a report published in the American Journal of Public Health, employers may want to think about increasing the number of paid sick days in their benefits package. A new study finds more paid sick leave could result in better worker productivity as well as fewer workplace accidents and injuries. Only two states, California among them have a system that provides for an employee who takes a sick leave to receive at least partial wages during that time, according to the study.

Report reveals that work comp fraud continues to be a problem for U.S. insurance companies

In workers compensation defense news, a recently released report from Deloitte, one of the world's premier consulting groups, made some rather intriguing findings concerning the growing incidence of workers' compensation/employee fraud over the last several years.

Authorities arrest veteran L.A. County probation officer for insurance fraud

Serious work injuries that sideline employees for a prolonged period of time are simply inevitable. That is precisely why California law requires all employers to carry work comp insurance so that when these work injuries do occur, employees will be adequately protected.

Major California work comp reform approved by state lawmakers

In 2004, lawmakers introduced comprehensive reform to the state's work comp system in an effort to lower costs for insurers/employers and introduce greater predictability in work comp awards. Now, California's $17-billion work comp system is once again poised to undergo significant changes as lawmakers officially gave the green light to a massive overhaul.

Court rules that NFL punter's injury deserves workers' comp

When someone is hired for a job and it is explained that the job comes with a certain degree of risk, should a San Bernardino employer have to pay workers' compensation when that employee is injured? What about when the job is as a professional athlete? There are athletes who are injured playing their sports every day, either because of their own actions or because of another player's, but many of them file workers' compensation claims against the sports teams for which they play.

Work injuries decline, but more people applying for disability

When someone is seriously injured in a workplace accident, it is important that he or she receives workers' compensation, but it is even more important that those funds are only spent on people who were actually injured and were not injured because of their own mistakes or reckless behavior. It is important that Los Angeles employees who file fraudulent or exaggerated claims are denied money that should be spent on people who actually deserve it.

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