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August 2012 Archives

OSHA publication outlines conditions for removal from Severe Violator Enforcement Program

Employers must always be careful not to cut corners, and to take the necessary steps to protect their workforce from serious work injuries. The reason? The consequences for failing to provide a safe work environment can be both considerable and costly: increased employee work comp claims, higher workers' compensation insurance premiums, possible criminal prosecution, and fines/penalties from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Are prospects for major California work comp proposal fading after release of WCIRB report?

In an update to an important workers' compensation defense story, state lawmakers are now actively considering whether to pass a sizeable bill calling for major work comp reform in the remaining week of the legislative session.

How a few simple and affordable steps can reduce work comp costs

It's a situation that plays out countless times a day in workplaces here in California and across the nation. An employee trips and falls over a misplaced object or an employee strains their back while attempting to lift a heavy box. While you may think that there is little you can do as an employer to prevent these types of work injuries -- meaning they are simply a cost of doing business -- you'd be wrong.

Major California work comp proposal facing legislative roadblocks

In workers' compensation defense news, the halls of the California State Capitol Building are currently abuzz over whether state lawmakers will consider a rather significant work comp proposal in the remaining few weeks of the legislative session.

State and federal officials conduct joint raids on L.A.'s garment district

Under California law, all employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance so that their employees will be adequately protected in the event of a serious work-related accident. Failure to carry this mandated coverage can have incredibly severe consequences. For example, uninsured employers face criminal prosecution, large fines from the California Labor Commissioner, civil lawsuits from injured workers and the possibility of business closure.

Study examines rate of occupational injuries among disabled workers

Today's working environment is much different from decades past. However, it's not just the products and technology that have undergone dramatic changes, but also the workforce itself. To illustrate, a disability is no longer seen as some sort of insurmountable obstacle to landing a good job and disabled adults play a vital role in the success of America's workforce.

OSHA, NIOSH warning employers about dangers of silica exposure in fracking industry

Over the last decade, one of the more controversial environmental issues throughout much of the country has been fracking. For those unfamiliar with fracking, it is essentially a process whereby energy companies break up rock formations via high-pressure injections of water and other chemicals to free oil and gases deposits.

Study explores whether 8-hour shifts or 12-hour shifts are more effective for employers

For the most part, employers are always willing to consider implementing measures that could potentially increase productivity, improve worker safety/morale and lower legal costs. Such measures could include anything from increased safety audits and safety protocols to flexible scheduling and wellness benefits programs.

No work comp benefits for server who choked on quesadilla

In workers' compensation defense news, a Virginia appeals court recently decided a rather interesting issue: whether a waiter who suffered serious injuries while choking on a quesadilla at a company food tasting is eligible for work comp benefits.

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