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July 2012 Archives

Study: Paid sick leave results in fewer work injuries

A recently released study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that employers that do not provide their employees with sick leave may want to reconsider this position. The reason? Employees who come to work while under the weather because they don't have paid sick leave are more likely to suffer some sort of work injury.

DOT urging employers to help prevent distracted driving

While the internet has certainly changed how many businesses are able to reach and communicate with customers, it hasn't changed their reliance on transportation. In fact, these two elements now enjoy something of a symbiotic relationship, as traveling employees must be in constant contact with customers, employers and the Web in order to keep things running smoothly.

Study: California reform limiting prices for MD-dispensed drugs is a success

A recently released study by the Workers Compensation Research Institute examined one of the more hot-button questions in the area of workers' compensation defense law: Should states should enact legislation/regulations limiting the prices paid for drugs dispensed by physicians?

Can improved work-life balance reduce the risk of occupational injuries?

In order to run an efficient and profitable business, an employer must always take steps to streamline operations and remain current on today's modern business practices. Interestingly, one area in particular that employers across the United States are now paying closer attention to is work-life balance, meaning providing employees with the tools to be as productive as possible, but also allowing them to put their work aside when they are finished and enjoy their family life.

California woman faces 10 counts of work comp fraud for feigning ankle injury

If employees suffer serious work injuries, they can rely on their employer's workers' compensation insurer for the financial assistance they will need during their recovery. Unfortunately, employee fraud is still a common occurrence, meaning some employees will exaggerate or even fabricate injuries in order to collect work comp benefits.

CWCI study discovers drop in certain prescriptions for injured workers

In previous posts, we've discussed how state lawmakers, health officials, employer/employee advocacy groups and the general public are all becoming increasingly concerned over the high rate at which prescriptions for narcotic painkillers are being issued to those who have suffered serious work injuries here in California.

Statewide sweep targeting work comp fraud results in 104 enforcement actions

Earlier this year, our blog discussed how multiple agencies in the state of California were officially joining forces to crack down on the so-called "underground economy," meaning both uninsured employers, and those employers who abuse state employment and work comp laws.

Factory workers reluctant to self-report hearing loss, study finds

Although it may not be the first work injury that comes to mind, hearing loss is actually a very serious occupational hazard that doesn't always get the attention it deserves. In fact, because it develops gradually, it is often overlooked entirely by employers who are more concerned with trying to prevent more immediate and costly workplace injuries. And among factory workers who endure long periods of work in loud environments, misunderstanding about hearing loss abounds. A new study involving nearly 2,700 factory workers found that 76 percent of them believed they had either "excellent" or "good" hearing. In reality, though, a staggering 42 percent of those individuals suffered from hearing loss.

Study explores impact of injuries on employers

Researchers from a variety of renowned institutions recently released a study examining the persistent injury threats to Americans, and ranking the individual states regarding their efforts to reduce these injury threats.

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