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Keeping landscaping employees safe

The long, hot summer is finally here, meaning landscaping companies across California are ramping up their operations for what promises to be another busy season. From pruning tree lines and installing retaining walls to laying sod and planting flowers, the owners and operators of these landscaping companies should take care to implement the necessary safety steps to prevent serious work injuries.

While many people might not associate the landscaping industry with work hazards, the truth is that spinning blades, hot motors, sharp tools and generally strenuous tasks can all result in very serious -- and potentially fatal -- work injuries to employees.

Today's post will examine a few basic safety steps that landscapers may wish to consider implementing.

  • Take steps to ensure that all of the necessary safety equipment is installed on all power equipment, including line trimmers/weedwackers, mowers, tillers, blowers, trenchers, etc.
  • Make certain that all employees wear high-visibility safety gear, including protective eyewear/goggles, shoes and long pants
  • Make certain that the blades on all tools are sharp, as doing so can help prevent employees from overexertion and/or repetitive stress injuries
  • Make certain that employees who are using power tools for the first time read the safety manual and receive the necessary instruction
  • Inform employees of the importance of not working in dangerous weather conditions (i.e., thunderstorms, excessive heat)
  • Inform employees of the need to completely turn off power equipment before attempting to clear it or conduct repairs, as doing so can protect against accidental amputations

Stay tuned for further developments in the area of workers' compensation defense law ...

This post was provided for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.


Occupational Health and Safety, "Landscaping safety: Tips to prevent injuries," May 8, 2012

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