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June 2012 Archives

California counties receive millions to combat work comp fraud

There is no question that employees who suffer serious and incapacitating work injuries will need financial support to help make ends meet while they heal. Fortunately, these employees are legally entitled to such financial support via their employers' workers' compensation insurance.

How employers can help prevent costly slips, trips and falls

It happens in workplaces across the United States every day: An office employee trips over a misplaced cord, a warehouse worker slips in a puddle of fluid and a driver falls on a dangerous walkway on a loading dock. Believe it or not, slip, trip and falls are the third most common work injury here in the U.S.

Employees allege willful misconduct after fatal mower accident

In our previous post, we discussed how to keep landscaping employees safe in order to minimize unnecessary injuries and costly workers' compensation claims. One of the items we discussed was the importance of ensuring that all workers who use or heavy equipment receive appropriate training and supervision.

Keeping landscaping employees safe

The long, hot summer is finally here, meaning landscaping companies across California are ramping up their operations for what promises to be another busy season. From pruning tree lines and installing retaining walls to laying sod and planting flowers, the owners and operators of these landscaping companies should take care to implement the necessary safety steps to prevent serious work injuries.

Protecting employees with healthier workstations

As an employer, it's important to understand that neck strain, back pain and muscle fatigue isn't just confined to your employees who do heavy lifting or work in the company warehouse. In fact, those employees who spend the majority of their workday seated at a workstation in front of a computer are just as likely -- if not more so -- to develop serious work injuries that can keep them away from their desks for prolonged periods of time.

A closer look at some of America's most dangerous jobs

We are all well aware that employees working in the construction, manufacturing and transportation sectors are at a heightened risk of suffering serious or even fatal work injuries because of the inherently dangerous nature of their occupations. However, are these some of the most dangerous jobs that a person could possibly have here in the U.S. or are there perhaps even more dangerous professions out there?

California employees charged with workers' compensation fraud

Employees who have been injured in a workplace accident may be entitled to seek assistance from workers' compensation insurance. Many of these claims are legitimate. However, sometimes employees are willing to make fraudulent workers' compensation claims, such as for injuries that never occurred, or for misrepresenting symptoms or the severity of an injury. Such claims can lead to criminal prosecution if the employee has defrauded employers and the workers' compensation insurance company.

Employers should be careful about cutting insurance coverage

With the pressures of the economy, many California employers have naturally had to cut costs. Such cutbacks include reducing the number of employees and cutting back on benefit packages. A struggling economy has forced many employers to make the hard decisions to make the cuts, while still trying to keep as many employees on staff as financially possible.

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