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November 2011 Archives

Can 'functional restoration' improve return to work times?

As an employer, you may be accustomed to seeing different employee responses to various kinds of work injuries. For example, you may have witnessed one employee stumble and hurt their knee, but decline to file a work comp claim and simply keep working while taking an over-the-counter medication for a few days. However, you may have also witnessed an employee who suffered the same sort of injury not only file a work comp claim, but also develop a full-blown disability that prevents them from returning to their previous position.

Black Friday review: Walmart chaos may attract OSHA fines

In our last post we discussed the Black Friday holiday and the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration's efforts to encourage retailers to use crowd control plans to help prevent customer fights and workplace injuries for employees. OSHA has had its eye on retailers such as Walmart after a 2008 trampling of an employee at a Black Friday event. The employee was crushed under a mob of frenzied shoppers and several other people sustained injuries at that event.

OSHA urges proper crowd management during Black Friday sales

A few days from now, many Americans will put away their Thanksgiving leftovers and turn their attention to holiday sales. In fact, many will leave the comfort of their homes during the late evening or early morning hours to take advantage of Black Friday sales advertising deep discounts on big ticket items.

Are your employees suffering from decision fatigue?

No matter the job, no matter the industry, no matter the location, most employers expect to experience some degree of decreased productivity, as well as a greater likelihood of work injuries during the typical workweek. The reason? From the construction worker who spent the week lifting heavy roofing tiles to the corporate accountant who has been staring at spreadsheets all afternoon, all employees are bound to suffer some level of physical or mental fatigue.

CDC offers employers guidelines for preventing spread of influenza

As an employer, you likely go to great lengths to insure the health and safety of employees. While some of this effort can likely be attributed to overarching financial and legal concerns - helping ensure increased productivity, limiting potential workers' compensation defense costs, etc. - an equal portion can likely be attributed to a genuine desire to protect your workers from harm.

Officials in Oklahoma metropolis astounded by high work injury rates

In these tough economic times, cities here in California and across the United States are looking for innovative ways to cut costs and preserve valuable funds. One area in particular where cities are looking to save money is that of work injuries/work comp claims.

Study examines correlation between health, missed work days

According to a recent study performed by researchers at Gallup, workplace accidents/injuries, work comp defense costs and employee fraud aren't the only things costing U.S. employers millions of dollars a year.

Haunted house performer suffers shocking injury

Last week, our blog discussed how workers employed in more unorthodox professions and/or seasonable jobs are equally - if not more susceptible - to serious work injuries than those employed in more traditional work settings. In particular, we focused on haunted houses, where performers are often afflicted with muscle tears, ankle sprains, broken noses, bite marks and other bodily trauma.

USPS audit creates concerns over high work comp costs

In previous posts, we've discussed how there is a growing movement on Capitol Hill calling for widespread reform of the federal workers' compensation system following revelations of cost overruns and vast occurrences of employee fraud.

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