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August 2011 Archives

Group seeking to bring changes to Montana work comp fraud investigations

Some of the most valuable tools in any workers' compensation fraud/employee fraud investigations are video recordings catching claimants participating in physical activities that their injuries should otherwise prevent them from doing.

California Supreme Court declines review of Almaraz, a controversial work comp case

Today's workers' compensation defense post will briefly examine recent developments surrounding State Compensation Insurance Fund v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, a rather controversial case that has generated significant discussion in California legal circles.

State Assembly considering bill to extend timeframe for temporary disability benefits

In workers' compensation defense news, the California State Assembly is currently weighing a controversial measure concerning the extension of temporary disability benefits.

OSHA issues multiple violations to noncompliant Brooklyn tortilla factory

In January, our workers' compensation defense blog reported on a rather tragic story involving an employee who was killed in a workplace accident at a Brooklyn-based tortilla company.

Update: Tragic machine shop accident kills student at Yale University

Last spring, one of our work injury posts discussed a tragic occurrence at Yale University where a talented senior was killed in an on-campus accident while working on a science-related project.

Report: Overexertion injuries cost employers $13.4 billion a year

According to a recently released report by the National Safety Council (NSC), overexertion injuries - including sprains, strains and other debilitating injuries - are now the third most common type of work injury, costing U.S. employers upwards of $13.4 billion a year.

OSHA launches heat-awareness campaign to help protect workers in record heat

As discussed in prior workers' compensation defense posts, it's extremely important for employers to implement the necessary work safety measures. Not only will this protect the health of employees, but it can also result in increased productivity and perhaps lower legal costs.

Northern California county considering radical work comp pilot program

Over the last few years, there has been a sustained call at the state capital to crack down on the number of uninsured employers, meaning those who fail to provide the requisite level of work comp coverage.

State Assembly to consider expanding protections for hotel cleaning staff

Here in California, higher-end hotels are constantly fighting with one another to keep their rooms full and their reservations booked. This means they are always on the lookout for new ways to distinguish themselves from the competition and create the best possible stay for guests. One way in which these higher-end hotels have sought to impress their guests is by purchasing luxury mattresses (often weighing up to 100 pounds) and other plush bedding. However is this so-called "amenities arms race" inadvertently causing serious work injuries?

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