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How employers can make their offices safer

From slippery surfaces to exposed wiring, most office environments are rife with both hidden and obvious dangers that can cause serious work injuries. In fact, the failure to identify these risks and take the appropriate measures to remedy them can ultimately result in decreased productivity, increased insurance premiums and steep work comp costs.

Today's post will take a closer look at four common office hazards that can be eliminated through the implementation of a few relatively simple measures.

Arrange cables in a safe manner

It's a common scene in offices all over America, cables for computers, monitors, printers, surge protectors and the internet hanging loosely over the back of desks or spilling onto desktops.

While it may not seem like it, such an arrangement can easily lead to slip, trip and falls or an employee accidently dragging valuable computer equipment onto the floor.

Consider purchasing a split wire loom - a flexible polyethylene tube - that allows you to safely bundle wires/cables/cords, as well as hooks or loops that keep cords off the ground/desks.

Keep cords from being underfoot

Similar to the previous point, many offices have cords/cables/wires that travel unsecured across the floor, presenting a serious tripping hazard. Fortunately, this issue can be addressed relatively easily - and cost-effectively - through the installation of cord protectors.

Cord protectors run flat along the floor, keeping the cables covered and, more importantly, the walkways clear.

Take steps to eliminate sharp edges

From desks with cracked corners and shelving with brittle plastic edges to boxes and broken glass waiting to be thrown out, office workers are more exposed to accidental lacerations than you might think.

Accordingly, employers may want to consider covering sharp edges on fixed structures (desks, shelves, tables, etc.) with a protective layer, and instituting a policy keeping boxes/broken glass safely wrapped and as far away from employees as possible.

Keep slippery surfaces safe to prevent work injuries

In every office, there are high-traffic spots that are prone to gathering moisture. Some of the more common areas include the floors located near doors to the outside, the floors located in break rooms and the floors located near water fountains.

Employers may consider putting down larger mats with beveled edges that can safely absorb any excess moisture and eliminate the slip, trip and fall risk.

Stay tuned for further developments in the area of workers' compensation defense law ...

This post was provided for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.

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