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May 2011 Archives

School police officer charged with multiple felonies, including work comp fraud, over faked carjacking

In recent employee fraud news, a Los Angeles school police officer is currently facing a variety of criminal charges, including workers' compensation fraud, for allegedly staging a carjacking and shooting.

19,000 private sector employers to be sent OSHA survey

In the world of workers' compensation defense, it is not uncommon to see a serious work injury/work comp claim go hand-in-hand with a violation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). As such, it is also not uncommon to hear employers voice their firm objections over the OSHA violation, claiming that they were unaware of a potential problem or that OSHA regulations are unduly restrictive.

Work comp cuts based on race, age, sex barred by State Assembly

In recent workers' compensation defense news, state legislators have officially passed a measure that would prohibit any cut to work comp benefits based on race, age or sex.

Levels of workers' compensation fraud remain steady across the U.S.

Given the troubled state of our economy over the last few years, most people would probably think that the rate of employee fraud - as it relates to workers' compensation - would probably reach record lows, as workers would not want to engage in any type of risky behavior that could potentially jeopardize their employment or land them behind bars.

Employers devoting more attention to preventative measures in order to cut back on injuries, costs

As an employer, you want to do everything you can to prevent serious work injuries and provide employees with a safe working environment. By doing so, you can minimize costs and maintain productivity.

Unlicensed northern California contractor sentenced for failure to carry work comp insurance

Uninsured employers, meaning those who fail to carry the necessary amount of workers' compensation coverage in the state of California, face a multitude of penalties from steep fines and potential jail time to the loss of a professional license.

Workers' compensation laws turning 100

The risk of injury is always present, in any field. What would you do if you were severely injured while at work and your employer provided no benefits to protect you? How would you pay your medical bills? How could you maintain an income if you were not employable?

Report cites need for more Cal OSHA inspectors

In recent news, Worksafe - an Oakland-based non-profit dedicated to promoting worker safety - recently released a rather eye-opening report on the number of serious work injuries and fatalities in the state of California.

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