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March 2011 Archives

Study examines the efficacy of California's work comp reforms

In workers' compensation defense news, a recently released study has finally shed some light on the ongoing debate as to whether the historic work comp reforms enacted from 2002-2004 have been effective in cutting costs.

Update: Cancer Stricken Cop Fighting Manhattan Beach for Work Comp Payments

A previous workers' compensation defense post discussed how the city of Manhattan Beach, California, was involved in a controversial dispute with a city police officer over work comp payments. Specifically, the dispute concerned whether the police officer - who is in the midst of a four-year fight with cancer - was struck with the potentially fatal disease while on the job.

Work comp fraud charges filed against California woman who competed in grueling trail race

As stated in prior posts, employee fraud - particularly workers' compensation fraud - is nothing to be taken lightly. It can cost employers significant time and money, two prized commodities in today's turbulent economy. In addition, an employee caught engaging in this type of fraudulent activity faces large fines, a permanent criminal record and even prison time.

Employee killed in tragic fall at NASA's Kennedy Space Center

When it comes to maintaining a safe work environment, there is likely no organization more committed to protecting its employees from dangerous and potentially fatal work injuries than NASA. Given the importance of the its mandate and the level of funding involved, the agency simply cannot afford to compromise employee safety and incur associated expenses (legal fees, large fines, increased workers' compensation costs, etc.).

U.S. Postal employee commits workers' compensation fraud

When employees commit workers' compensation fraud, employers and their insurance carriers are the ones who pay the price. When an employee of the United States government submits fraudulent workers' compensation claims, it is the taxpayers who ultimately pay for it.

Report: 3 percent of California work comp physicians prescribe over half of all pain medications

A recently released study by the California Workers' Compensation Institute (CWCI) made some very startling revelations regarding the number of physicians prescribing strong and potentially addictive pain medications to treat work injuries.

Update: Lack of Progress in State Fund Investigation Causing Concern

A previous workers' compensation defense post discussed how the lack of any discernible movement by state officials investigating allegations of malfeasance at the State Compensation Insurance Fund was drawing criticism from both lawmakers and industry insiders.

Owner of Bay Area transportation company sentenced to 10 years in prison for work comp fraud

In workers' compensation defense news, the owner of a prominent Bay Area transportation company was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison on a variety of charges, including tax evasion and workers' compensation insurance fraud.

California city councilwoman to lose seat following work comp fraud charges

When it comes to employee fraud, no one industry is more immune to deceptive behavior than another. A worker in an office setting is just as likely to file a potentially fraudulent work comp claim as a worker on a factory floor. In fact, employees in relatively prestigious or high-ranking positions can also commit work comp fraud.

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