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Common California Construction Site Injuries - III

Today's workers' compensation defense post will continue to explore the topic of common injuries suffered by employees on construction sites. Please see "Common California Construction Site Injuries - I" and "Common California Construction Site Injuries- II"  for more information.

Visit any construction site around the state of California, and you will see workers performing a variety of physically challenging tasks that require them to kneel, crouch, bend over or stoop forward for a prolonged period. While these types of actions are a vital element of job performance, they can also result in potentially debilitating injuries to the knees or lower back, decreased production and increased legal fees.    

However, employers who are aware of these potential knee and lower back injuries can take steps to implement the necessary safety measures, saving their organization both time and money.

Lower Back Injuries

There are small gelatinous discs located between the vertebrae of the spine that enable movement. When a worker bends over, these discs are compressed by both the ligaments and the back muscles.

However, if a worker is required to remain bent over for a prolonged period of time, these discs in their back can weaken and even rupture. This rather painful condition is known as a herniated disc.

In addition, workers also frequently suffer serious muscle strains or pulls in their lower backs. These conditions are typically caused by sudden, violent motions or repetitive motions.

Knee Injuries

Workers who place significant strain on their knees on a regular basis can suffer a rather serious condition known as bursitis. Bursitis is caused by an inflammation of the bursa, tiny fluid sacs located between the tendons and bones in the leg/knee. An inflamed or swollen bursa makes knee movement painful or even impossible.

Another common injury suffered by workers who frequently place great stress on their knees is tendinitis. This condition is caused by inflamed muscle tendons and can make knee movement difficult (if not impossible).

Lastly, construction workers who have previously suffered a debilitating knee injury but continue to perform ground-related work are predisposed to arthritis. 

Future posts will examine this topic in greater detail, including potential steps that can be taken to prevent these knee and lower back injuries ... 

This post was provided for informational purposes only and not to be construed as legal or medical advice.

Stay tuned for further developments in the area of workers' compensation defense law ...

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