Maximizing employee safety in the workplace

When employers provide a safe work environment for their employees, they can minimize worker injuries and maximize productivity.

Most employers want to maximize employee production while creating a work environment that is safe for everyone. Not only are workplace injuries costly in the sense that they require workers' compensation benefits, but lost productivity can also be detrimental to a company's success. A growing number of employers in California and across country are focusing on worker safety in an attempt to lower the number of on-the-job injuries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than three million Americans are injured on-the-job or are diagnosed with illnesses that they have acquired from work each year. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that there are several ways that employers can help their employees stay safe at work. These include:

1. Make sure that all employees are well-trained

Untrained workers are one of the most common precursors to workplace accidents. Whether workers injure themselves or create a situation where other people are injured, they are a definite liability to the company. In order to maintain a safe workplace, employees should be trained on how to use all of the equipment properly and know what to do if an accident occurs. Companies should also have safety programs in place and enforce safe behavior.

2. Make sure that all equipment is safe to use

Broken machines and outdated equipment can lead to accidents, injuries and even death. Employers are responsible for ensuring that all machines are regularly maintained and safe to use.

3. Make safety equipment readily available

Posters, signs and labels to warn employees of potential safety hazards and dangers are essential in the workplace. Everyone should know where and when to post these signs.

4. Keep hazardous chemicals secure

All chemicals and cleaners should be kept in a secure fashion. Furthermore, all chemicals should have a safety data sheet that tells people how to handle them and what to do if there is an accident.

5. Post workers safety responsibilities and rights

All employees should understand their rights when it comes to safety in the workplace, as well as their responsibilities in keeping themselves and other workers safe.

When employees are involved in an accident, they should know to report the injury as soon as possible. Once an injury is reported, the employer is required to file the incident.

Looking for legal representation

Employers may not be able to handle all workers' compensation cases on their own. An attorney in California who understands how to help employers deal with various workers' comp situations may be valuable to people who are navigating their way through the system.